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The Darts Academy is aimed at players aged between 8 - 17

Sessions every Monday night at Longton Snooker Club (Starting January 10th)

Time - 18:30 - 19:30

The aim of the academy is to help players learn more about the sport and compete in a safe and enjoyable environment

Players are required to attend 1 session a week and minimum of 6 a season to compete on the JDC Tour and OOM

JDC Darts academy season
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Academy Fees 2022

£5 - To join the Academy for 2022 *
£5 - Weekly Subs
£12 - Yearly Membership to the JDC *

*These are one-off payments when you join

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The unique Green Zone easy finish system provides a level playing field for all.

Developed in conjunction with the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC), the Green Zone dartboard features an easy-to-use handicap system, as in Golf.


By playing the JDC Challenge routine on GoDartsPro you can easily check your handicap level.

JDC Darts Academy in Stoke on Trent

Academy Lead Coach

Shaun Rogers

I have played darts since around 2007, and i have been privileged to play and practice with some of the best players in the world.

I have previously been a football coach so i understand the importance of building sessions to help develop players in areas that they need to improve.

The aim of our academy is to help the younger players of Stoke and Staffordshire improve their darts and understanding of the game.

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