Whether you are a complete new player, a grass roots darts player looking to improve on your game or a former pro player we have a service that can assist you!

We can offer you advice and guidance on your throw and set up.

We can also offer you specific darts practice routines to help you improve areas of your game.

We will not make you try a different approach to your throw we will work with your mechanics and help you achieve the best out come with how you feel comfortable throwing your darts.

Everyone throws darts in a different way, what we want to help you with is looking for areas in your current throw that we can improve for you and make the stance you have be owned by you.



Oche Presence

Killer Instinct

Event Preparation

Stance , Throw , Oche Presence , Killer Instinct , Event Preparation

Are we the experts, my word NO and we will also not try to claim to be the darting gods.

Have we played at the top level? NO we are just a small bunch of players who enjoy the game and enjoy not only the throwing of darts but the mental side and physiological part of the game.

Video Review

Send us a video of your throw and we will reply back with a detailed view of our thoughts and opinions and tips to improve your throw.

1 on 1 Coaching

We can arrange to meet up with you for an hours coaching at a venue of your choice or come to ours and we will work with you on a 1 on 1 basis.

2 hours Session

In our 2 hour session we will go over the full mechanics of your throw, we will look at your stance, grip and technique and see where we can improve your game.

If you would like more info please email



Q. So how do we send you a video ?

A. There are two ways. First you can upload your video and email it to us or if the file size is too large send it across using wetransfer.com

Q. What is the cost of the video Review ?

A. As this is a new venture for DartsInStoke we are offering the video review for FREE till Novemeber, we will reply back with our views and also any advice we feel will help you.

Q. How do we go about the 1 on 1 and two hour sessions ?

A. Send us a email and we can correspond via email and we can work out what you are looking to acheive from the coaching session, then we can design a session around your needs.

Q. How much are the 1 on 1 sessions ?

A. This is again something we can discuss with you during the initial phase of talking, but we can assure you its not as expensive as those that advertise darts coaching on YouTube !

Q. Can you just provide me with a practice routine ?

A. We can provide you a detailed practice routine aimed at improving the areas that need improvement.

Q. Do you charge for the practice routine ?

A. We are not going to charge but if you wish to make a donation to us via PayPal we wont say no