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1 - 96 (3)

2 - 170 (6)

3 - 125 (5)

4 - 65 (3)

5 - 108 (4)

6 - 114 (4)

7 - 25 (3)

8 - 141 (5)

9 - 101 (4)

10 - 40 (3)

11 - 105 (4)

12 - 170 (6)

13 - 48 (3)

14 - 50 (3)

15 - 132 (4)

16 - 44 (3)

17 - 88 (3)

18 - 90 (3)






10 Life 10 up 1 Down


Start on a score of 2 Double 1, if you get it go up 10 and next throw at 12 (D6), pressure comes that if you loose 10 lifes you will loose the game and have to start over, what can you get up to




31 points


1 Point score between 60-85

2 Points score between 86-100

3 Points Score between 101-139

4 Points score between 140-179

5 Points scored for a 180


Aim of the game is to get to 31 points as quick as possible




31 Points Junior


1 Point score between 1-15

2 Points score between 16-30

3 Points Score between 31-55

4 Points score between 56-70

5 Points scored for anything above 71


The aim of the game is to get to 31 points as quick as possible




101 to 301


You have the numbers 101,151,201,251,301. For every number, you have 9 darts to finish that score


If you find it easy finish each score 2 times


You cant advance till you have completed the lower number with the 9 darts






101 Double in Double Out


Play 21 legs

Each leg lasts 9 darts and you start on D1 and move to Bull, so each leg starts with a double on the board


101 in 3 darts - 3 points

101 in 6 darts - 2 points

101 in 9 darts - 1 Point

Don't hit the double with 9 darts lose a point off your score and move on (can lead to a minus 1 start)






You play 21 legs of 101 using 6 darts to finish 

If you finish you get the leg, if you don't in 6 the AI does and the aim is to get to 21 legs first




Bull or Fin


Throw dart 1 at the Bull, if you hit it stay there if your next dart hits 25, set one dart to finish up with your last dart in hand

If dart one hits the 25, now look to finish 25 with 2 darts

If dart one its say 18 this leaves 32 as you were going for bull so finish the leg with the last 2 darts in hand



Bull hit 3 points  if you hit 3 in a row you get 10 points (1 bonus point)

If you finish away from the bull you get 2 points

If you leave a finish you will get just 1 point

Failure to leave a finish you will get -1 points off your total


Play to 15 or 21 points




500 Plus on 20


The aim of the game is to score 500 or more using only the 20 section, if you hit a 1 or 5 the score is reset to 0




15 for 5

Finish 40 - 20 - 10 - 8 - 2


You start the visit with 5 points if you get the finish with 1 dart you get 2 points

If it's within 2-3 darts you only get 1 point

Don't get the finish you lose 1 point


So start at 40 you have 5 points miss all 3 at the finish you are now down to 4 points come to 




Darts Pursuit

Two-Player game but can be played Solo

Aim of the Routine : To catch the other player by landing on the segment they are on, similar to the individual pursuit in cycling Routine Idea : To use most of the board and get use to throwing at other areas of the board

Set Up : One player will start on 20 and the other player starting on 3 How it works : There are 3 levels to the game


NOVICE - Players will throw at the sections that come after the one they have hit so player 1 starts on 20 if they hit with dart 1 they move to the 1 segment and then the 18 etc as long as they hit the section they are after they can move on to the next, player 2 starts at 3 and then hits 19 and then 7, any part of the segment been hit will allow you to move on to the next, if player 1 or 2 gets to the other players segment then thay have been caught and the routine is over.


INTERMEDIATE - Similar to the novice game however if a player hits a double or a treble segment they then move on 3 places or 2, so if player 1 starts on 20 and hits the T20 they would move to the 4 segment if they hit D20 they would move to the 18 segment, similar to the lower player if they hit S3 they move to 19’s and if they hit T19 they would move to the 11 segment next, this can allow for quicker catches but also longer game play


EXPERT - Same as the above however if you miss the section you are aiming for you move back by what you hit, so if starting on 20 and you hit S1 you would move back and then need the 5 segment, if you then hit T5 you would move to the 18 segment, if you had hit the T5 you would then move back to the 14 segment. Breakdown Single Segment - move forward one Double Segment - move forward two Treble Segment - move forward three In expert these are reversed if you don't hit the section you are after Single Segment - move back one Double Segment - move back two Treble Segment - move back three

view in action here




Chase the Bull Players: Two or more players. 

Darts: Three each 



The object of this game is to hit the treble segments from 10-20 than the outer bull and the inner bull in that order. The winner is the first player to hit all 12 scoring areas in the correct order. Each turn consists of 3 darts if needed. If the correct treble or bull is hit, move on to the next player. Only move on to the next number once successful in hitting the previous target. 


Single Player Practice: 

Complete the order of play but time how long it takes you to complete in order. Repeat the activity, trying to complete the activity in a quicker time frame.