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Setting up a board and oche

How to start throwing darts

Building your Stance

Building a strong starting stance and positioning your body in the right way will greatly influence your ability to hit the target as well as determine the rhythm of your whole game.

If you want to start well and have good results, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed, but also avoid some common mistakes that new and old players make.

First of all, you need to stand in the proper place and line up properly on the oche.

  • The Forward Stance: This is the most desirable stance, but is unfortunately not easy to achieve. You must put your dominant foot in front, with only your toe touching the throw line and pointing towards the bullseye. It should foothold all the weight. The other foot should be behind you, slightly to the side as to assure the proper balance. You must feel both comfortable and in control.

  • The Side Stance: In order to assume the side stance you should place the full edge of your front foot onto the throw line. Line up your throwing arm with your eye as to avoid making undesirable moves that might interfere with your accuracy. The back foot should be positioned behind the front foot. In order to have better control of the throw, the elbow should be in.

  • The Angled Stance: This is the mid stance as it balances between the forward stance and the side one. It is usually assumed by more experienced players who have mastered balance.

For the best possible result, your shoulders and the dartboard need to form a 90 degrees angle. In order to achieve this, the shoulders need to be parallel to the ground and your spine straight as an arrow.

The arm needs to be relaxed.

Your front foot, back foot, and the throw line should also form a 90 degrees angle. The back heel can be raised a bit, but the front foot must stay on the ground.

It is not easy to assume a perfect stance, and some players even feel uncomfortable when they do assume it. You can, therefore, try to figure out what stance works the best for you as it is highly important to feel comfortable too.

What to Do if You Are Left-handed?

The right-handed players put their right foot forward, and their left foot on the floor behind the right foot. If you are left-handed, do the opposite. Place your left foot forward and your right foot behind.

When it comes to positioning your hands, things are pretty much the same- your dominant hand must be forward and free close to your dominant foot. Therefore, if you are a leftie, your left hand needs to be forward.

Are You Supposed to Lean Forward or Not?

Your shoulders, legs, and hips should be straight at all times. You should never roll the hips back or slouch over. It is allowed to lean your upper body slightly forward across the oche if you feel more comfortable in that position.

However, you need to make sure that your feet do not cross the line when you do this. You also need to be aware that if you overdo it, leaning forward can seriously compromise your throw and accuracy!

Extra Tips

  • Your front foot needs to be turned towards the bullseye. In order to achieve this, try drawing an imaginary line from the center of the dartboard to the floor beneath it and then point your front towards that imaginary line. Once you do this, your throws are sure to become straight and more accurate than before.

  • Once you determine the best spot on the floor to position your front foot, you can label it in some way and know how to line it up every time you throw.

  • You should avoid standing with your whole body facing the target as that will hinder your stability. If you face a bit to the side of the dartboard, your throws will be more precise.

  • The foot that is position behind the dominant foot should be turned slightly to the side as well.

  • Keep your front foot on the ground and never jump when you throw the dart as that will hinder both your balance and accuracy.

  • If you are not sure how to distribute your weight, rely on the professional advice and place 75% of your body weight on the foot which is closer to the dartboard.

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